Website Development

I have concepted and developed many websites over the years, many of which were completed for agency partners under NDA agreements, many are also now obsolete. I started specialising in Wordpress in 2006 and never looked back. Wordpress is my platform of choice due to the flexibility, affordability, speed, feature set and growth potential available with this platform. Here is a selection of websites that I can show you. All built on wordpress. Many projects were more than just developing a website, from concept to strategic deliverables. Details of each project are below the imagery.

Digital Project Management

I believe the key to running and conceptualising a successful digital project is to follow these basic principles:

  • 1


    • To under promise and over deliver at all times.
  • 2


    • Communication is key, this needs to be honest, concise and structured,
    • anticipating the needs and questions of both client and talent.
  • 3


    • Understand the needs of the client and project,
    • what does the client ultimately want or need.
  • 4


    • Clear and definitive project planning pre production. Building a digital project is similar
    • to building a house, you need to know precisely what you are going to build and have
    • the materials and labour ready to build it. you need 'wiggle room' in both schedule and
    • budget in order to deal with unexpected complications. When does a building project
    • start falling apart?
    • When clients start changing the spec, changing a digital deliverable is like moving a wall
    • during a build, it can change the whole structure of the project whilst impacting on schedule,
    • budget or profit, therefore projects need to be planned properly before development and
    • communicated thoroughly with the client and the client needs to be made aware of the impact
    • change requests during development make.
  • 5


    • The devil is in the detail, on a digital project it is the details that
    • can trip a development up. Something that may be simple in
    • conceptual terms can be a major task in programming terms,
    • thorough research and planning before production is essential
  • 6


    • More organisation, less fluff, if the project is well structured,
    • planned and efficiently managed then this impacts positively
    • on both the schedule and end product
  • 7


    • Keep calm and find a solution! Clients don't want problems
    • they want solutions. I am an excellent problem solver and
    • fire fighter. My aim is to always make sure the client smiles
    • whatever unforeseen challenges come our way.
  • 8


    • Accountability, have all of the clients needs, feature sets and requests
    • been completed before the project or staged development show has
    • been presented to the client? There is nothing more frustrating than
    • having to tell an agency they have not delivered to specification and
    • sweep up after them. This costs the client time and money and the
    • agency reputation and trust.


Image Editing

From simple editing to building product images from scratch, I have a lot of experience of photo manipulation and product image creation. I use a combination of Coral Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop depending on the task.




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